Be a bear! Eat berries! Do lots of superjumps!

Winter Bear is looking to get chubby for the winter, but pesky snow slugs have invaded her mountain! Toss snowballs at them, and kick 'em to clear each level. But can you survive the entire winter?

Left / Right: Walk
Z: Jump
X: Dig
X + Left / Right: Dig horizontally
Up: Pull out snowball
X: Throw snowball
Down + X: Superjump

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, digging, nature, PICO-8, snow


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good game!

Thanks for playing, ytmroper! :)


no  problem! i like 8-bit games! how did you make it?

I used PICO-8,  a lil game engine which is actually quite simple to learn! It uses Lua, which is a very beginner-friendly language compared to actual 8-bit systems. You can get it for $15 USD at if you're interested! :)


That is a pretty impressive game. I loved the idea and the music! The music really brought me back to the game boy era.

I felt that the level timer was a bit tight, but maybe I just suck! :-)

Hi Claus! My biggest inspirations for game music come from the Game Boy era, so that's a real compliment for me. :) The level timer is indeed a little tight - it's supposed to put the pressure on you to get back to the door, and force you to decide between diamonds and surviving the level, but I suppose I could have made it a second or two longer. :P

Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback! :)

This one is pretty dang good. The mechanic of digging, snowballs, and making new platforms is amazing. Random level generation doesn't do anything for me though. Another zinger, Andrew!

Thanks Hugh! :)

I feel like there's a ton of potential in these mechanics when combined with puzzle gameplay or two-player battle situations. The random level generation was honestly just something I'd wanted to try for a while, but it would have been good to incorporate more gameplay elements into the random generation. Thanks for the play, I always appreciate your feedback! :)


Great platform/puzzler. 
Such a lovely style.
Very impressed with (and grateful for) the tutorial levels - I think I'd have struggled without learning the basics.
Congrats! :D

Thanks Paul! :)