It's the Waddleball Grand Championship! Competitors must master the art of The Waddle if they hope to emerge victorious!

The Waddle
Left arrow key: Waddle left
Right arrow key: Waddle right
Alternate arrow keys: Waddle straight
Press and hold either key to dash
X or Z: Choose or exit level

You are Waddleduck, a chubby duck with the heart of a champion! Prove your mettle in 6 minigames by booting moles, stomping on tiles and destroying asteroids! Or, relax in free-play mode and kick some balls around.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
TagsColorful, duck, eggnog, fantasy-console, games, kickball, minigames, PICO-8, weird, whack-a-mole


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really good! Nice choice for minigames

Thanks for playing, RetroBoi128! :)

ok so im back and played this again 

and i have some more words

very solid sprite-art

very bouncy and good animation

fun little challenge with dumb controls and i love it

speedrun material

now i feel like it's more of a 9.7/10 

solid game very

Thanks Turbo! Appreciate you playing it again, Waddleball is a bit of a gag game but I still feel like it doesn't get enough love sometimes. :)

8/10 weird controls but solid game ^w^

Hi Turbo_Time_Inc! Yeah, that seems to be the consensus with Waddleball. :P Glad that you enjoyed yourself, and thanks for the feedback!


Thank you, I also have some suggestions like a tournament of some sort maybe..... idk it's your game, do whatever you want 

A tournament is a really cool idea! I'm not developing Waddleball anymore since it's a few years old, but I still appreciate the feedback. :)

well, that's sad ;-;


Thanks HAndLol! :) Glad you liked it.