You are a block with a face. Navigate the moving walls, and shoot for a high score.

By popular demand, press Up or Down on the title screen to toggle between regular and classic modes!

[Z] Move
[X] Manual direction change
[Left / Right] Toggle palette
[Enter] Pause


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super hexagon remix !!! very cool, great arcade

Thanks for playing, PBES Studio! Appreciate all your comments. :)


It’s a game that’s more advanced than game jam. That’s great. This is fun.


Thanks so much for playing, gamefive! :)


Cool concept!
Perfect technical realization and catchy music!

I love this, I wish I could invent and make games this cool / minimalistic.

Thanks for the feedback Itpitt! The prototype for U Dead came from a game jam with really tight restraints, which is why the gameplay and visuals are so minimalistic. So I guess that's what worked for me - force yourself to quickly build something tiny, then give yourself time to polish it!

Thanks again for playing. :)


This game is really cool! But why was the PICO1K jam version taken down?

You make a good point! I took it down so there wouldn’t be two versions of the game on my Itch page. I’ve added it back so you can play it as it was!

In the future, I’ll update this version so it has a ‘classic mode’, then I’ll take down the old one. :)

Hey IamHaPPy! I'm now removing the PICO1K jam version since I don't want two versions of the same game on my Itch page. However, I've added Classic Mode to this version of U Dead so you can still play it. Just press up or down on the title screen to switch modes!


Alright, it's ok! I like this version very much because it adds more difficulty to the game. I hope I can make a game like yours since I recently got Pico 8, I'm more of an artist with no programmer background, so this journey will be a difficult one!

Wow, congrats on getting PICO-8! It's tough but fun learning the basics of programming. If you have any trouble, be sure to consult the user manual or post questions on the forums. I started gamedev in 2017 using PICO-8 and people are super helpful if you research things first and ask nicely. :)