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This game was cute! I did have a few issues sometimes with reading certain text. Maybe it was just me. I exaggerated a lot but I definitely felt like this could have been a secret horror game at the end (I think I got to level 4 or 5 before stopping). 


Hi Nathan! I got a huge kick out of this! :) it’s definitely not a traditional typing game, and it was hilarious to watch you figuring out some of the tricks. Thanks for checking it out, and thanks for making a video! :)

So with the browser version will I be able to play it?

That would be the hope! Then you’d just be able to play on the internet, instead of having to download anything!


Ok thank you eggnog! :D

I'm new to this site and this looks like a really fun game and this is probably a very stupid question but once you download it  how do u  start playing it???

Hi Popping_Boba! Are you running Windows or Mac?

Well I don't really know if i'm using Window but I know i'm not using Mac but the device i'm on is a Chromebook and also thanks for replying pretty quickly. :D 

You might be out of luck for the moment on a Chromebook, but I'm hoping to get a browser version up and running within a week or two! I'll message you when that version is up! Otherwise, if you have access to a Mac or PC, I've added launch instructions to the game description above. :)

Hi Popping Boba! I've uploaded a browser version, so hopefully this works for you! If it doesn't, you may need to find a PC or Mac to play on, because I don't have a Chromebook to test on! Hope you like it. :)

nice! I like it, I get to the level 4 it is quite confusing when it changes the order haha, you should edit the config file to add the icon and the name when the game is in window mode. also you can add an icon to the exe 


Hi R2Cris! I’ll take a look into those adjustments! I’m planning to do web releases soon as well, so there might be a few adjustments that happen before the second release. Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback!


Hi again R2Cris! I've made those adjustments to the Windows build, so if you re-download, all icons seem to be proper now! :) Thanks for the suggestion.


you're welcome :)