Maze Land is in trouble! Eight cute birds have vanished from their nests, into the depths of mysterious hedge mazes!

You are Maze Dog, a chubby puppy who loves to nap, dig and bark! Venture into the deep hedges, find the lost birds, and have some snacks along the way. Good luck!


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I enjoyed it a lot! Only problem i found is that secrets are told by mailboxes... And so that doesn't help to keep them secrets secret. Good job anyway! I'm gonna take a nap now :D


Hi Peter! I’m glad you had a good time with Maze Dog! :) Thanks for playing.

This was fantastic! I felt it was the perfect level of difficulty, rewarding but not frustrating. 

Hi Jemmiedodger!

Thanks so much for the feedback! I'm glad that people are finding Maze Dog to be fairly balanced - I had to rework the snack system a few times to make sure that people felt like they were being rewarded for exploring. Thanks for playing! :)


Cool game!

Thanks Xandur! :D


No problem. You seem to have a lot of skill. :)

Well, thanks for saying so! I'm working hard on it every day, so hopefully each game will be better than the last. Thanks again for playing! :)