What a situation! You're stuck in an asteroid field, but your ship will only turn to the left! Power down on the throttle, mash your lasers, and put your reflexes to the test!

Collect all 15 ships! Every ship has its own stats: speed, spin, acceleration, drag, and laser attributes. Remember, you need to use your newest ship if you want to unlock the next one!

Z: Throttle
X: Laser

Left / Right: Select ship on title screen when unlocked
Up / Down: Toggle palette

Alternate Controls:


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Asteroids-like games never get old! Very nice game with a cool twist! I love all the different color palettes, it’s so simple but adds so much more variety into the game.


Thanks THE0R! I always love adding color palette options (cause I loved how they handled that in Downwell) and I feel like most people don't explore the options! Glad you appreciated that touch. :)


this is an amazing game. great twist on the arcade game asteroids! (i got 46)

Hi Spooder! Thanks for playing, and thanks for the kind words. :)


Your welcome!


Got 21 - nice game! Love the color schemes.


Nice job! Glad you liked it! :)