Coffee Bug loves coffee mugs! That's why the critter built a coffee shop in the forest, where creatures of all shapes and sizes can come to kick back, sip a hot cup a' joe, and relax. There's a field of genetically modified crops outside, growing coffee straight into the cup without the need for beans, roasting or brewing!

Harvest as much coffee as possible, for the love of the bean, and for the love of your patrons! But keep in mind, the sweet aroma of your rich blend has reached the nostrils of some hooligans!

Touch coffee mugs to pick them up! Take them to your cafe for points.
Throw coffee mugs with [Z]! Hit baddies to stun them!
Baddies can also be thrown into the shop, to be turned into paying customers. Basically, if you can grab it, toss it or knock it over, try throwing it into the cafe!

Arrow Keys: Walk
Z: Throw Mugs

Alternate Controls:
ESDF: Walk
W: Throw Mugs

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
TagsAnimals, Arcade, Fast-Paced, havoc, PICO-8


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Love the game, especially the music when you die. Fannn-tastic.


Thanks for playing, Mertios! Glad you liked the music. :)


I love everything about this! The retro style,  the different enemies and their quirks, the fact it revolves around coffee. Jeez, this is an addictive substance, just like its namesake.

The gameplay is easy to pick up, the difficulty ramps up nicely depending on the level you choose and there's a whole tonne of replayability.

I think you're onto an absolute winner here, and even though I only got to a certain level and not a whole load of points, if you added a wee bit more , that plot could make people keep going and going to get to some kind of ending!

Whatever you decide to do, I had a blast playing this, and I implore you to keep up the awesome work! =)


I love it!  I just figured out that you can toss your coffee into the shop from a distance and now I'm trying to get through the first few levels by only tossing coffees and downed enemies instead of carrying them in.  Favourite game since Cat Bandit.

Yeah, once you get the hang of tossing coffees and enemies, you can save yourself a ton of walking! Thanks for the review! :D

Pretty fun game, the difficulty increase feels great. The throwing is a bit hard to do correctly, I ended up just standing on the house and throwing it (could maybe put like a fence around to prevent that) But that aside, really fun game!

Hi Tay! Thanks for giving Coffee Bug a shot! Regarding the tricky tossing, you could technically just run up to the coffee shop and touch the drink to it without tossing anything, but I'll be sure to make that a little clearer in the final version! And maybe a target practice mode, so players can practice tossing coffees in a safe, non-pressure environment! Thanks for the feedback! :)

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I was kinda confused at what was going on at the start but I got my enjoyment from killing enemies and delivering coffee. I enjoyed this game 

Hi Miles! Thanks for playing. :)

I'm going to include a small tutorial mode in the final version, so hopefully that will help future players from having the same confusion when they start playing! Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it! :)