You're a cat. You love cake, and you hate donuts. What else do you need to know?

Eat as much cake as you can while avoiding the ever-increasing donut horde!

Arrow Keys / WASD: Run

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
TagsAnimals, Arcade, baking, cake, cat, donuts, Fast-Paced, LÖVE


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cute is all i wanna say.

Thanks Meowyboy12! :)


c a t


The music is goes with the game really well and the music is fun and happy◑﹏◐

Thanks Popping_Boba! :)


This game is sooooooooo adorable and fun to play.... :3

i love this

Thanks CatmasterItch! Thanks for playing. :)

When I run the game appears this error


player.lua:85: bad argument #2 to 'draw' (Quad expected,

 got nil)


(tal cat)?

(tail cat)?

Hi Coal_boy! Sorry to hear that you're getting an error. I've noticed that if the game's delta time is set for a particularly slow computer, sometimes the game's logic jumps past sprites entirely and searches for quads that don't exist. I did my best to avoid this issue on most computers, but apparently the bug still exists!

Are you running the game on a relatively new computer, in a commonly-used browser like Firefox or Chrome?

Yes, I will try run this game in explore/Edge, Iam not in my computer now, :P

Yes, I will try run this game in explore/Edge, Iam not in my computer now, :P

Step 1:  put a cat in your game.

Step 2: make that cat eat cake!

Step 3: carry on regardless!

This game is amazingly addictive and infuriating at the same time, and when you throw in cute cat sprites you're onto a winner!

I set myself a (silly) target, and whether I hit my target is a matter for outside this revise, but suffice to say that mere baked goods cannot stop me!

Keep up the awesome work, and see you next time!


Always love your playthroughs, Mikey. Thanks for playing! :)


Woo, high score of big 13! lol. I love the cat's running animation.

13 ain’t bad! Thanks for giving it a try, NLB! :)


Very cool, smooth controls cute artwork and it really does get hard

Thanks mariusmopar! :)


It's all that I would have ever wanted. cake, cat, and more cake.

I've always wanted to make an infinite cake-generating simulator, and this is the closest I've come. :)