The Conductor's train went off the rails near the desolate plains of Ash Town, so Hat Kid has returned to the planet to make sure her friends are okay, and to find a mysterious relic! Grab all 30 time pieces in this short platformer, based on the game A Hat in Time!

Arrow Keys: Walk

Z: Jump

X: Hookshot (when near a hook)

This fangame was created for #DEMAKEJAM. All characters and music are recreated homages to content in the original game. Buy A Hat in Time here:

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(82 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, Demake, Fangame, fantasy-console, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Time Attack


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got all time pieces and 911 deaths somehow.


lets gooooooooo a feellow a hat in time fan

I love Hat in Time so much! I've played all the way through the main story probably 5 times, honestly. Such a classic.


tbh i have it on my switch

223.9321 wr all time pices

Nice! :D


i thought this was the real game and there is like a developer thats making a game thats kinda the same. and some one said it looked like a hat in time then i saw this game and i played it. (it was good) and thought wait a minute this do not look like the game someone said was kinda the same.

Thanks for playing, mycomputerisbad! Yeah, this fangame is based on characters from A Hat in Time - I made it for Demake Jam a few years back - the gameplay is pretty far removed from the original, though the hookshot is actually a move in the real game! Thanks again for playing and commenting, I appreciate it! :)


Music & SFX doesn't work if doesn't press Carts button (only in Firefox case).

Hi Ofihombre! Sorry that the Music & SFX don't work immediately for you - it's likely an issue with PICO-8 in your version of Firefox. You may need to play in a different browser to avoid that issue in the future. Hope you still enjoy the game!

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It isn't only a Firefox problem, Chromium browsers also affected.

This weird mistake is affecting many old Pico-8 games outside from the official website.

Yeah I am on the Firefox Developer edition and SFX isn't working

Hey Miles! I think the issue may be fixed; some browsers don't allow media to play audio if it's set to auto-play. I've adjusted my games to require users to press 'play game' before starting, which seems to have fixed the issue (at least on my version of Firefox). Hope it helps on your end!


thanks eggnog good game btw


Ayy loved the game

Hi Rom! Glad you enjoyed it. :)


Time: 533.8691

Deaths: 94

Time Pieces: 30

Hey, 94 deaths isn't bad at all! Thanks for playing. :)


I got all the time pieces in 880 seconds (143 deaths) for my first try, I think it's ok ! It's a really cool short game and the mechanics are fun to use, congrats !

Thanks Mairy_Fairy! Glad you had fun. :)

celeste + a hat in time
i love it

Thanks so much for playing, FlowRick! Glad you had fun. :)

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it’s a cool game, i enjoy :3

my only issue was the input delay. i thought it would be because i’m running it in the browser, but there’s no download for me to run it standalone.

about 160 deaths in 671s, but most were from dying on respawn into a short platform. maybe a short delay before the respawn might solve this.


Hi Wilker! Glad you enjoyed the game. You're right about the respawn delay, 100%. The game does indeed run better in the PICO-8 app, which you can buy directly from Lexaloffle. It's worth buying if you enjoy PICO-8 games, since it's really fun to browse and find new stuff from inside the app. Thanks again for playing!

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i'm gonna find you and kill you


pls do not


its really fun and gives me a lot of celeste classic vibes! i have played through it twice now getting all 30 time pieces!


I absolutely LOVE Celeste and Celeste Classic, so that really made my day to hear. Glad you had fun with it, PugBoyHayden. :)


Great little game. The difficulty was spot on for such a small game. I liked the style and music, although some characters was completely unrecognizable. But that's also hard with such low res.

All in all well done :)

Thanks so much for playing, PowerDuDe! Really appreciate the detailed feedback. :)


A pleasure to help ☺️



Interesting game, but the basic movement controls were relatively stiff for a platformer.

Thanks for playing, Joshua7689! Yeah, the controls aren't at 100% on this project. Sorry they were a hassle for you. Appreciate the feedback! :)


Really fun Little Game!

Aside from the controls...

Hi RaZere! Sorry the controls didn't hit the spot for you - they could definitely use some coyote time for more forgiving jumps, and a little pause after a death. Thanks for playing. :) 


i finished with 106 deaths all pieces (of course) with a time of: 643.6252. i think i did pretty good for my first time :D

Hey, that's not bad at all! Getting all the time pieces and getting through is a valiant effort, I'm so glad that you had fun! :)



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Thanks Hat Kid! :)


No Problem! sorry I didn't reply earlier lol

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this game is cool, though the controls sometimes don't work. Its mainly the jump button, but idk if the devs meant for this to happen. it may even be my computer lol

Hi WifuWaffle! There are two causes which might be the issue - one is that the framerate doesn't run super fast in some browsers, so you can definitely try it in another or download the PICO-8 version (if you're willing to spend $15 on the PICO-8 Fantasy Console). There's also a chance that your jumps aren't working when you run off a cliff because I didn't program coyote time into the physics here. My future games will all have coyote time though, so that will help in the future!

Thanks for giving the game a shot. :)


I know you commented this two weeks ago, but I just wanted to say thanks for responding to me :) also, I will check out your oher games :)

Hey, you had the courtesy to play my game and leave me a comment, it's the least I can do! Thanks again :)


This game was so so fun!

The 29th level was enraging LOL but I really enjoyed playing this! Me and my boyfriend were vibing HARD to the soundtrack! I really liked this game!

Thanks so much fleurie! :) It makes me happy that you and your boyfriend enjoyed the music so much. The music's a chiptune version of A Hat in Time's Battle of the Birds level, so if you haven't played AHiT, check it out! :)


Your game actually made us play AHiT and we loved it! We've already completed most of it and have been non stop playing for the past two days! When we were in the movie production level he was like omg its the music from the game you played LOL!! 


Well, if that isn't what I got into making games for, I don't know what is. Glad you checked out AHiT because of this, that makes me really happy. :)


fart this game

I respect your opinion :P


i dare someone to beat this

Time Pieces:30


Total Time:225.5555(no joke)


Its Still A Very Good Game To Speedrun And To Play Casually

Thanks for playing, TheRedVirus! :)

your welcome


30 Pieces 226.6379 Seconds 24 Deaths

Beat this


Only 24 deaths? Nice job!

very nice! fun!!!

Thanks for playing, SandwichBlamwich! Always nice to hear positive feedback. :)

i played the real game i think this might be better (keyword might) 

Thanks for playing, sans! :)


really good game

Thanks cactus head! :)


Really good!

Thanks RetroBoi128! :)


i love the "Gears for Lunch" joke. i had fun playing this waiting for class. Thanks, and stay safe!

Ha, I'm glad somebody picked up on that lil joke! Glad you had some fun with it, thanks so much for playing! :)


This is a good game, and I also found a speedrun strat where when you respawn you can do like a little jump and get to places


Thanks for playing, TheBoldActionMan! That's a cool find, I bet there's lots of interesting tricks you could pull off with that!

When I was in eight grade, my friends and I used to speedrun this to see who could get the fastest, all 30, no deaths score.


Whew, no deaths, that's a feat! Makes me happy to know you and your friends played this together. :) That's what video games are all about to me. Thanks for playing and for the comment!


418 all time pieces


95 deaths (5 less than last time!)

Hey, 95 ain't bad! Thanks for playing, blozheadz781!


214 with 12 time peices

Nice job, RiverKid! Thanks for playing. :)




Thanks for playing! :)


good love it my record time is 251

Hey, that's a pretty good score! Thanks for playing. :)

I like it and has that same humor and charm of AHIT

Hi PrincessLuna! Thanks for playing, I'm glad that you picked up on the humor! I tried my best to make it match AHiT's style of writing. :)

You did a great job on that.

Also the game was a good challenge 


I got all 30 first time! It was fun.

Hi skiscratcher! Glad you had fun with it. :)

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Very cool game! Very good ideas used in many really cool, and progressive ways. Feels a bit unresponsive, and that may likely be due to the pico-8 engines limitations, but I think you could still added some stuff like coati-time. The collision is also a bit wonky on some blocks, because I can slightly go through some of them, and I don't know if that's a problem with the engine, or poor collision detection detection. Regardless, very good game for a jam game!

Edit: Incredible music, and SFX btw.

Hi Arnav! Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback. :)

Yes, coyote time would have been a good choice - I've implemented it in later games, but didn't have the know-how back when I made AHoT. The collision issues are 100% in my code (some PICO-8 games have amazing collision), and the unresponsiveness is likely due to the game being played in-browser. Thanks for the compliments on the music and SFX, I'm still quite proud of them! :)

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good game! a bit of sound feedback, but still good!

Hi Alli-o! Thanks so much for playing, and I'm glad you had fun! :)

As for a download, that might be something I offer in the future! For now, my PICO-8 titles are web-only.  Sorry about that!

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Ok, thanks!

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can i please have a DOWNLOAD!?

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks kalilethan! Glad you enjoyed it. :)


This was lots of fun! Thanks for making it :) Platforming felt really tight and the graphics were *chefs kiss*

Thanks for the feedback, Blaise! Glad you had fun playing it. :)

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