The Conductor's train went off the rails near the desolate plains of Ash Town, so Hat Kid has returned to the planet to make sure her friends are okay, and to find a mysterious relic! Grab all 30 time pieces in this short platformer, based on the game A Hat in Time!

Arrow Keys: Walk

Z: Jump

X: Hookshot (when near a hook)

This fangame was created for #DEMAKEJAM. All characters and music are recreated homages to content in the original game. Buy A Hat in Time here:


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The style is great! The platforming hitboxes are not! Level 28 and 29 can die in a fire!

A great demake that could use a l i i i t l t e more tweaking.

Nice job BouncyBaltoy! And thanks for playing! :)

I had 97 deaths lol

Not bad at all! ;) Thanks for playing.

You're welcome! You did a great work🙌🙌🙌! I raged at some points, because of the controls and the platforms, but I continued anyways. Also, the music was really good! The last thing: I love the dialogue of the mafia, it's really funny😂

Yeah, in hindsight the controls are pretty unforgiving! It was a quick jam game so I think I can forgive myself for that, but I’m glad you pushed through! 😊

make a htf game

HTF? What’s that?

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I think 5V means Happy Tree Friends. If you haven't heard of it and think that it's for kids, you're horribly wrong. Looks can be deceiving.

i don't know that this game was on i has played this game on lexaloffle before. and it still was a good game. there was some collission problem where the character kinda just pastrought a platform even if the player sprite hit the platform some time, but other then that it was great. the picture i show is the best score i got from the lexaloffle website. i can't seem to get it anymore even if i try

Hey Hunt the Past! Thanks for playing. :)

Glad I got all time pieces! Cute, fun game. :)

Hey! I really loved this game, it is a great interpretation of A Hat In Time's mechanics! Only, I am a little confused, wasn't the goal to help the conductor? The game just ends after finding the legendary relic.


Hi Coolblubird! Thanks for playing! :)

Hmm, that’s a good point! Maybe ... the legendary relic has powers to dissipate the ash storm, and get the train back on its tracks? There we go! :)


It's a really cool  game! I was looking for an alternative for A Hat In Time because I had to find my Xbox One. Also, I love the hookshot physics!

Hi Hat Boi! Glad that my lil game worked as a supplement for the real thing. :) Thanks for playing!


Your welcome! I got my Xbox out and downloaded A Hat In Time, but my friend plays it so, I will play this when I can't play! Yay!

"Mafia is very confused. Why are Mafia's hands all sqaure?

Good game!

“Mafia never thought Mafia was square. But this game prove otherwise”.

Thanks for playing, BeneficialBurdon! Glad you liked it. :)

mafia seal of approval

Well, that’s high praise if I ever heard it! Thanks for playing, themininoob!

i loved that fisic of the hook perfect game

im brazilian sorry if my inglish is bad;-;

Hi arthur0612! Glad you had fun playing! :)


Hard but very cool and funny! Good job.

Thanks Nyxro! :)


505 seconds with 30 time pieces! EZ Clap

Thanks for playing! :)


WOW!!! Really nice game. (It's was too hardly but it's ok)

Thanks chris24xd! :) Glad you had fun.


thanks for making this, I had fun. ♥

Thanks CureLovelyWarrior! Glad you had fun playing. :)

cool game 

Thanks drawguppycat! :)

it's a great game

Thanks ferraz! :)

Really fun!

Thanks Beartoya! 😃


cool game

Thanks Pat! :)

Made a video 


rly nice small 10 minute game

Thanks woofaboof! :)

I'm kinda sad that the rest of hatgirl's movement repertoire didn't make the cut. Double jumping, wall jumping, and diving really made the movement in A Hat In Time feel unique. As is, this feels like a (really well done) generic 2D platformer with a hookshot mechanic, that has A Hat In Time theming applied to it through dressed-up signs.

Yeah, it was initially my intention to give her the double-jump + dive + jump moveset, since that's my favorite part of Hat in Time as well! Once I implemented the hookshot, balloons and birds, I was out of map space, as well as time! Well, maybe next game jam. Anyway, thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback!

The hookshot is the best. I think the jump could benefit from a grace period, I often found myself trying to jump just when falling off the ledge and missing by one frame. The mechanics are amazing, this is really great. I suck at platformers but I spent quite a bit of time before giving up :)

Hi wesen3000!

You're right about the grace period, and I'm glad that you liked the hookshot! Hookshot mechanics are always super fun to implement and play with. I'm glad you gave my lil game a shot even though you're not usually into platformers! Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for playing! :)

I would really like to see a longer version of this game

HI aidan_awesome!

Well, that's good, because I'd really like to make a longer version of this game! Probably not in fangame format (since I really enjoy making my own characters and stories), but with these mechanics and game flow.

it would be fine if the jump button were a little more responsive. I couldn't really get over how long it took between when i hit the button and when I jumped.

Hi ExperiMint! I'm brainstorming how to make the jump button a little more responsive in future games, since it seems to be a common concern with A Hat on Time. A grace period after running off a cliff would probably help, but I'll have to stew on a solution beyond that. Thanks so much for playing, and I appreciate the feedback!

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Very good game indeed! Excellent mechanics and very well executed! I have the feeling I would have enjoyed the game even more if I had played the original one before, but it's still awsome!

P.D: I also have tested PICO - 8 for a while, and I was wondering if you could share the cartridge in some sort of way so I could test it in order to learn how to do some mechanics (I'm still learning!)

P.D.D: Sorry for my bad english...

Hi Grulemart! Glad you had some fun with it! And your English is great, no need to apologize! :)

If you're interested in the code that I wrote for the game, just go to my page on lexaloffle - - games uploaded to the BBS have  little 'CODE' button beneath the game screen. Just click on the 'CODE' button, and all my code will pop up for you to read! Alternately, if you own a copy of PICO-8 (, you can open up the code from inside the game to edit and experiment!

Thanks again for playing. :)

Thanks! I hope I can get some experience out of checking your code (I tried to do some plataformers in the past in PICO 8, but none of them turned great).

By the way, keep up creating! Your little game was awsome, and I'd love to see more of it in the future! (Maybe with a new IP in a better game engine?)

I was looking at A Hat In Time in the Playstation store sale just 10 minutes before finding your game by complete coincidence :D Plays really well, and the difficulty ramps up at the right pace I think. I got stuck a few times but it never felt like the game was unfairly hard. Good job!

Hi BurningOut!

Ha, a coincidence indeed! I'm glad you had a good time with my fangame. If you were checking out Hat in Time on the PS store, you should just make the dive - it's one of my favorite games from the last year!


Seria perfeito se  não fosse pela jogabilidade imprecisa. Demora meio segundo pro personagem andar depois de eu apertar o botão, e meio segundo pra ele pular! Eu tava brigando com os controles e morri muito porque o personagem so agiu bem depois de eu apertar o botão e quando vi ele ja tinha caído. Tinha que ser ação imediata

** Pardon my inevitably inaccurate Google translation! **

Obrigado por jogar e desculpe por não ter gostado! Primeiro, perdoe a tradução do Google - eu não falo português! Posso perguntar qual navegador de internet você está usando? O jogo não tem atrasos nas atualizações recentes do Firefox ou do Chrome, portanto, o problema pode ser a compatibilidade entre o navegador e a incorporação do PICO-8. Saber qual navegador você está usando pode ajudar a comunidade PICO-8 com compatibilidade!

Eu uso o Chrome (E tudo bem sobre o Google Translate, eu não falo inglês bem ainda)

very nicely executed hookshot! it felt nice to use and play

Hi Kyle! Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it! Oh, and thanks for playing! :)