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so many coins!

i love it!

Thanks SmileStudios! Glad you had fun. :)



A great game for cat lovers. Even if you don't like cats, it's still amazing


I did it after 40 minutes

Nice! 40 minutes is a pretty good time. :) Thanks for playing, Snarkern!

love this game its so much fun ima tell my discord about this game


Hi themininoob! Thanks for playing, I’m glad you had fun with it! And I appreciate you getting the word out, the more players the better! :)

good game, enjoyed it :-)

Glad you had fun with it, densch! :)

got stuck beneath the first platform by flying into the ceiling with the jetpack .-D

Hi densch! Do you mean that you got stuck to the ceiling? Cause that’s supposed to happen, since climbing on ceilings is a mechanic - you disconnect by tapping jump. :)

oh, yeah. didnt know that :-D

You are a factory of cuteness! 

Can't wait to try it :D

Hi Itpitt! Glad you like the cuteness. :) Hope you enjoy it when you get a chance to play!